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Sharing Friends and Fall Decor...

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

        If you follow my blog, you know that I blog about my two friends Sue and Carol. Sue this, Carol that, blah, blah, blah, but now I want to share their talent with you.     
I love sharing their homes with you guys. Both homes are accented with beautiful antiques and collectibles, tastefully displayed in every room. Pictures really don't describe how their homes
make me feel. If I could describe their homes in a couple of words , I would say,
both homes have a sense of welcome, and coziness. 
Home Sweet Home!
                                            CAROL'S FALL HOME
Carol has used her silver urn to display a big bold fall arrangement. I love the way she used a tray with a small pumpkin sitting between two great lamps, displayed on a wonderful pine sideboard.
This is Carol's entry way. How warm and welcoming is this.
Three pumpkins stacked on top of an arrangement of fall leaves, sitting on a small antique side table. These are real fresh
pumpkins purchased from the Atlanta Farmers Market.
The berry wreath hanging inside the mirror is beautiful  
This was awesome. Although this is Carols last year display, I had to share it with you.a pile of collected pumpkins. gourds and candle sticks displayed on a beautiful buffet on her dining room sideboard.
All I can say is awesome. Beautiful fall color .
Carol has used some deer antlers and fall color nuts
in this centerpiece.


If this doesn't say fall, what does? Sue has filled a wooden bowl with pumpkins, corn and berries.
Displayed on a dry sink, reflecting in an old vintage mirror.  

Awesome fall colors in her throw pillows!!Love it...
Looks like the bird is right at home.

A metal wire stacked pumpkin piece arranged with all her flea market finds.

Simple branches of orange berries, in an oversized jug, makes me smile.

And we can't forget the porch. What a great place to welcome your friends!
Love the enamel bowl and pitcher with fall foliage displayed in them. 

A Little Dab Will Do Ya...

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Just sharing what I dug up this weekend while junkin around town. A little bit goes along way to make my heart sing. A wonderful chippy wood box that you see me use during the Christmas holiday season. Some more small white pumpkins
to go into my tablescape that I picked up at Publixs. A wine bottle in a wicker caddy. ( it's actually not old, a repo, but it has a great look). Last but not least one side of a deer antler. All together my little pile looks pretty good. ENJOY!

Another rescued ironstone platter! 
My one sided deer antler
Great chippy patina... 

Wicker wine caddy..
And don't the fabulous box!

Things I love about the fall...

Monday, September 22, 2014

I do love the fall. It is one of my favorite times of year. The leaves changing colors and then filling your yard with a million dead leaves. Going on the perfect pumpkin search and finding it.( even though it's not orange :) Bringing out some of your favorite cozy cardigans, to find out they are out of style. Football,(mostly the tailgating food part of it.) The weather.( opening up the windows to let the cool air come in.) And of coarse it's the season that gets the decorating side of your brain going. I do admit I really don't decorate to much for fall but I do like to scatter a few fall type things around. Enjoy!!

Weekend junkin..

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Just a quick post to share my finds from junkin this beautiful weekend.

I hit the jackpot on this stop. Just couldn't get enough!
Cute, very cute lamp...(my inventory is growing) 
I wished they could be displayed upside down.
The markings are the best! 

Decorating has gone to the dogs...

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

This is my very favorite picture. It reminds me so much of
of our sweet Brinkley, who was by our side for 12 years.
 It's really amazing how many different animals we use in  home décors. 
I don't have any animal heads, (well, the fake cow) hanging on my walls, but a lot of people do and they love it. I don't have any animal skins on the floor either, but it's a really big  decorating trend these days. Remember when ducks and rabbits were really hot in country décor a few decades ago?
Who hasn't had a duck or two around the house. Today, I think the country French craze has made the cow a must have. I love them. Sheep are one of my favorites, too.  A beautiful picture of grazing sheep is a classic. These are some of the animals in my life.  Who knew I had so many different kind.
Sometimes when the house is really quiet, I think I hear them come alive. (pretty spooky) Ha...Enjoy!!
I am using it in a guest room... 

Birds in the entry way....
Birds used to accessorize the great room table.

Love my cows, here they are used in the breakfast room. 
I have them in a set of 3.

I know you have seen this one around the web. I love it, I used it over the pantry doors.

My good friend Carol saw this set of 4 animal plates and knew I would love them so
I used them in the dining room with some of my platter collection. 

Love them!!

And last but not least my pig....
This little piggy is my newest find!!

Junkin around for a Bedroom...

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Picking up where I left off in my last blog post, I have been busy finishing up the final touches of our
master bedroom. I  left you with pictures of the fabulous dresser/buffet piece I picked at a great dealer mall here in the Atlanta area. Since then I have arranged and rearranged, put a nail in the wall, took a nail out of the wall. ( geez, what a job) I've hung window treatments, laid a rug, made a custom bed ruffle ,and arranged the flowers. I think I can say without hesitation, I'v done it. A master bedroom from the bowels of the junk stores.  A master bedroom anyone would love.  Thanks to Goodwill, dealer malls, dealer friends, garage sales, yard sales, estate sales, discount stores and auctions. That makes me happy, happy, happy. (and my pocket book too!)



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