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The love of a "small" porch.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

My Little Porch
 l love outside area's. Everywhere I have lived, I have tried to whittle out a little space that resembles a nice cozy porch. My dream porch would be in the front of the house. A porch facing a sidewalk where all the neighbors walk their children and of coarse their dogs. A porch with a big swing, lots of ferns hanging from the rafters. A porch you could sleep on! Ok, ok, wake up. Back to the real world. I have always had back porches, but I always seem to fix them up and enjoy them. Our house here in Nashville has a "small, small" back porch or area. After seeing a lot of small porches on pinterest, I decided I wanted to get started on my area. Enjoy these Real Porches!!,
while I enjoy my small little porch.
Porch from pinterest pin

Porch from pinterest pin

Porch from pinterest pin.

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