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Saturday, October 25, 2014

Don't you just love when its a beautiful day and you decide , the heck with life stuff, lets do something fun. Well, I had that day and decided to go to this fabulous fall show of about 15 bloggers that had gathered in a chapel about an hour and a half away. I really, really wanted to check it out. So the trooper that he is, Ron and I directed our GPS to Pike Rd, Alabama.
After turning off the interstate , and driving down a beautiful winding  road, lined with moss draped trees ( sounds like a picture right?) we top the hill and there it was. A little white chapel sitting off  in the distant among  hundreds of parked cars. We were directed to park out in a field , where a trolley car was waiting to pick us up. After getting into the show I knew I wanted everything. Ironstone, chippy furniture, cool signs, jewelry, fall décor etc. Everyone was buying. I had worried that Ron would be the only guy there, but to my surprise there was quiet a few supportive hubbies tagging along. Whew! As you look at some pictures that I took, you will recognize some of the famous bloggers that were there. Coastal Charm, Thistlewood Farm, Miss Mustard Seed, Urban Farmhouse  to name a few. Enjoy!

It was a beautiful event hall, perfect for the setting.

Crowds of buyers and neat junk!
The inventory was already picked over!:(

Lucy's inspired jewelry was really unique.

Necklaces made from old hardware.

Really old hardware. 

Love that ironstone!


Urban Farmhouse via

Urban Farmhouse via

His claim to fame...

Sign I bought for my office.
(sign by Susie Harris)

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