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Change of Heart....

Friday, October 24, 2014

As you know painting furniture is my thing. I  must have painted ten thousand pieces. I will admit most of the pieces could not be saved but more times than not a chest or dresser would come along and just because painted furniture was trendy, I would paint it. Customers would call me to paint their grandmothers or great grandmothers beautiful buffets, chairs, tables or dressers. Don't get me wrong (it's my business)and there are some awesome painted pieces out there, but you have to admit there are some AWFUL ones too. Chalk paint has made everyone a painter. Yesterday while I visited my friend in Powder Springs I was reminded that in my heart I still have a love for beautiful  wood pieces.  So I wanted to share some of these awesome wood furniture pieces with you. You might look at furniture differently in the future, and just because there is a craze of chalk painted furniture out there, an original wood piece might be just what your looking for. I also wanted to share some awesome painted pieces with you and some Awful ones too. (in my humble opinion) ENJOY!
Picture does not do this buffet what it deserves. It is beautiful...
Makes you wonder the history of it.

Excuse the sun light!!

Sue's favorite chest...Love it
I have painted a many of these dressers, but not this one, love the patina on it. 

Great painted furniture!!
Love this cute little French vanity. Paint color perfect for it.

This a great painted entry cabinet...
Awful painted furniture!!
(in my opinion)
Example of a pretty buffet that someone painted  awful and changed the hardware. Please don't do this....
Original  Patina...
This is an example of original paint on a cupboard. Love original chippy patina. 

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