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A few more painted pieces from July Flea Market...

Friday, August 3, 2012

This is a great vanity I painted for July..

Shelf Ron built decorated...
(see Ron in background)

Another view

Frames and chanderliers...

Great bookshelf for the man room...

Hope you enjoyed the pictures...

Beautiful Winter Urn Tutorial

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Start gathering up your supplies now. The winter holiday season will be here
before you know it.

My favorite is spruce tree toppers.
( Tree lot a great place to get them)

Insert stright up, a custer adds an instant base

Dogwood sticks, red or yellow.
(Hobby Lobby or Micheals)

Stick in an upright fashion

Use a variety of evergreens. It forms texture.
A good choice is long needle pine to contrast
with the short needle spruce.  

Beginning at mid level, inset at a 90 to 45 degree angle as you begin
to fill in the lower gap.
(Most projects are ugly before they are beautiful)

Another texture is coned cedar. Inset at rim of the urn
as a "spiller"

Whopper cones

Hard plastic red berries. Avoid styrofoam berries, they begin to look like
popcorn mid winter.
(Hobby Lobby or Micheals)

Real alder cones on faux stems. Faux stems hold the cluster of the cones,
Another benefit, is the faux stem is a pliable stem. 
(Hobby Lobby or Micheal) 

Boxwood, another great filler and texture.
(Find a neigbors boxwood bush, but be sure you ask)
or buy a bush in your local garden center. 

Always stepping back, adding more.
Don't be timid, and have fun.

July Flea...

Where does the time go. One minute I am posting about June and then it is July.Now it's Aug. OMG! I was lucky enough to gather up about 28 pieces of furniture this month and quiet a few smalls. I didn't get all the furniture painted but I did get the major pieces finished. Just a few pictures of what I created. Thinking July might be a so, so show, with school starting Aug. 1, the hot, hot weather and the 127 hwy garage sale starting July 31, I was wrong again. The crowds were awesome. The sales were even better. Came home with one piece of furniture, that I will bring back in August, because it is such an awesome piece. Enjoy the pictures.       

(notice ulgy fan on dresser, it was HOT)


I wished this was mine!!It's one of my Loves...

Thanks for visiting!!
Linda Lou

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