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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Where does the time go. One minute I am posting about June and then it is July.Now it's Aug. OMG! I was lucky enough to gather up about 28 pieces of furniture this month and quiet a few smalls. I didn't get all the furniture painted but I did get the major pieces finished. Just a few pictures of what I created. Thinking July might be a so, so show, with school starting Aug. 1, the hot, hot weather and the 127 hwy garage sale starting July 31, I was wrong again. The crowds were awesome. The sales were even better. Came home with one piece of furniture, that I will bring back in August, because it is such an awesome piece. Enjoy the pictures.       

(notice ulgy fan on dresser, it was HOT)


I wished this was mine!!It's one of my Loves...

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Linda Lou

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