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June and Julie

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Linen closet...

Table and chairs


New Restoration hardware look alike shelf...
Looks great...
Not sold yet, but soon...

Sorry to say I did not make it to the June flea market, but I am happy to say I have made a great friend. Julie is her name and she is from out of state ( my state being Tennessee)
Thanks to Julie I did not have to set up in the June heat. The first day of summer and no rain since forever here in Nashville, so it was hot. But don't think for a minute that it was that easy. Julie visited with me and bought at the May show and her customers loved her new finds so much she came back for more. She said she was bring a 14 ft trailer to fill it up, well as all my close friends know I only have what I have. No back stock.  Don't believe in that. Nooo! So I was in a delima. I called my close friend Sue and she gave the advise to have her come to my house. No need in loading it , setting it up, for Julie to take it away the first hour of flea. So that's what I did. I figured Julie would buy a few pieces and I would take the rest and set up a small cozy booth and visit with all my flea friends. Little did I know that Julie was a girl of her word. She did fill her trailer up. She also did another great thing. She gave Ron and I a well deserved weekend. No painting, no gluing , no cleaning, no auction, no junkin. just vegging out. Thanks to Julie in June.  Sorry that I did not get more info about her shop, but I promise I will get the info and pass it along soon. 
Thanks again, Julie!!
and to all my customers. 

Time for "Things I Love"....

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The bedroom
Love the headboard and bed bench
Love the whole bedroom

the chair
Love the patina finish

Love the flowers

Love the tutu
Something about all white hydrangeas.
Love, Love, Love 

Linda Lou

Junkin therapy!

Friday, June 1, 2012

May flea market weekend in Nashville was a very hot weekend. After setting up and tearing down, loading and unloading, messing up and cleaning up, I spent the memorial day holiday getting everything back in order. Monday holiday always messes up the week order. Tuesday is Monday, Wednesday is Tuesday, and you know the rest. So when Friday came I decided to I needed some junkin therapy. The hot weather came and went. It seemed like October. 60 degrees in Tennessee and Kentucky. So with cool weather off I went to find a few garage sales. I have always had problems with garage sales because I look for a certain look. Cream ware, iron stone, anything chippy, anything vintage browns and creams, so I do alot of getting out of car and getting back in after scanning everyones junk. I did find a few good items Friday, so I think my time was well spent. ( should have been home yard workin, since the weather was cool) but I just needed some junkin therapy....Enjoy

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