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Beautiful things!! Beautiful People

Sunday, November 17, 2013

If you know me, you know nothing makes me happier than to discover an old piece of ironstone, cream ware, or brown transfer ware while I am out junkin around. Chippy, stained, cracked, discolored or dirty, its all beautiful to me. The best part to me is the awesome markings on the back side. I have not idea what any of the markings mean but I love the markings. If I thought it would not look funny, I would hang or display some of my pieces hanging with the backside showing.

You gotta love this!
Cracked and chipped , but love the marking on bottom.
Love my platters and tureens!!

Brown transfer ware...

thanks to this blogger, this picture made me smile. Speaking of smiling and beautiful thing, I have a couple of beautiful friends.
My best of the best girlfriends came to visit me during the October flea market. Neither one had ever been to the show, so they were so sweet to come and support me and wares. As usual they are the perfect out of town guest and they know what I love. They brought me  a beautiful brown transfer ware platter ( it has two things going for it, it's an ironstone platter and it was brown tranfer . But that was not all, I also received 4 adorable brown transfer ware saucers, all the way from England. But wait that was not the end, a vintage silver plate tea pot tied everything together. Have I mentioned that " I loved this bag of goodies" I'll say it again beautiful things from beautiful people.
Thanks Sue and Carol, I love ya to death!! (do we part) Ha!

Displaying my goodies...
Look at the border on this platter.
adorable saucers...Will have to display them so everyone can see.

The platter, saucers and teapot look so good together.


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