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The crafter in me keeps coming out...Love it!!

Saturday, November 17, 2012

I think I really have a sickness. Creating things. I love putting things together and having people think I am so creative. Do I have a problem? Is there a place for people like me? Always buying magazines, going through them one, two , three, maybe 20 times checking out every page as though I have never opened it before. I go all the major craft stores, from front to back , from side to side, checking out every new thing. Recently I was in Old Time Pottery and I spotted a great deal. 12 inch, really cheaply made, fake pine holiday wreaths. They had them on sale for 1.00 ea. What could I do with these ugly little wreaths. So, I purchased a couple, brought them home and decide they would be a great form for a fresh holly wreath. So I went to my over grown holly bush, cut some branches and started creating. Here's how it went.  
12 inch, really cheap, fake pine Christmas wreath

Holly branches from over grown bush.

Ribbon, berries , pine cones, and miniature tree ornament

No fuss, no glue, just stick branches in wreath and twist fake
branches around fresh branches.( you know what I mean?)

Finished product. Add ribbon, glue in mini tree or any ornament. Add
pine cones.

Love it. Just right for hanging on cabinet door.

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