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Fall weekend junkin...

Sunday, October 14, 2012

My very, very, very (that's a triple very)favorite thing to do (besides visiting with my girls) is junking on a highway garage sale. So many families getting rid of junk. Trash to them, treasures to me. We traveled down highway 7 just out of Nashville. Shopping the Old Tennessee Trail yard sale. It was amazing. It is an eighty four mile loop in the most beautiful country side of Tennessee. The fall colors were just coming in. It is where all the Nashville stars call home. Although we do not know where any of them  live, we always wonder. Passing by a huge estates,  I always says"wonder who lives there? Ron always reply " some country singer I guess." Anyhow we found some neat things to share with you at the October Flea Market. (Oct.26,27,28) The one thing that I found that I got so excited about was gray pumpkin's. Just my style. Perfect gray pumpkin's. Enjoy my junk

two ironstone vases, an ironstone Turin, ironstone platter, a black mirrored sconce, 3 silver candle holders, a hugh gold mirror and a lantern.

pewter ware...$5.00 for all!!
This is a dresser that I painted.
This was a 6ft coffee table, (who has room for a 6ft coffee table) It made a perfect bench. add a slip cover and off to the flea it goes. 
More pictures to come. I found lots more junk...

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