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Junkin we will go......

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Finally Ron and I got some time on Saturday to go out junkin. We started out and hit a few garage sales, I must admit, I am not a good garage sale person. I either get lost because I can not follow the balloon decorated signs or I can't read them. When I do manage to get to the sale I find toys, and old Avon bottles. I do occasionally find a good estate sale, and a neighborhood or town that is having a citywide sale. Anyhow I did manage to find a sale and purchased 3 windows that I will use as chalkboards, or something. After a few more stops, we ended up at a favorite junk mall. The picken was slim, I ended up with a cream ware pitcher and a wall shelf, ( that we can't for the life of us know how it works) so Ron and I will remake it. Oh, I did forget to tell you that on our way to the junk mall, we did find a man who had set up on the side of the road with a few treasures. I found a great primitive table with metal flour bins and a great cutting board in it. I love it. On our way home we hit a few more places. I found 4 great rattan chairs, (Pier One chairs) for a great price. 8.50 ea. can't beat that. I may use them for myself. Three concrete chicks and a really old, crazed ironstone platter later, we headed home. Love my treasures. You can find them in the Nashville May Flea Market.

Great wall rack?

3 concret birds

Ironstone platter and cream ware pitcher

Two pieces of cream/white suitcases
and a little french table.

Flour bin table

Primitive flour bin table with breadboard

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