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You Never Know....

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Little Brown Chest
When you start out on an afternoon road trip , you never know what you might find. A little town, a street side corner and a sweet little couple sitting on the side of the road selling their stuff. If your in the furniture biz your furniture radar is always on. You scan every garage sale, every flea market, everyone's porch, ( believe it or not) and of coarse  any sign that boast  "Thrift" looking for the perfect piece ,at the perfect price. I think I found that piece. In that small town, on that corner , from that wonderful little couple. And if your in the furniture business you also know that at any  given time you just might decide to keep that piece you found on the side of the road instead of selling it. That's just what I did. Enjoy!  

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Love it...
Perfect for that spot.

Love the detail

Great storage

Simply Basic

Monday, April 6, 2015

Last Friday I had a chance to go to a pasture farmhouse sale here in Georgia. It wasn't a terribly large show, but the promoters did a great job of getting the customers there. It was a pasture farmhouse show, in a beautiful farm setting south of Atlanta. Newnan to be exact. I understand the show is only about 2 years old so i'm sure it will only get bigger and better. Anyhow, back to my finds. I found a basic white ceramic soup tureen. No markings, probably not old but it has a great look. Simple white, no chips and great for my collection. On Saturday I found myself at a diy parking lot sale, outside of an antique mall. There again not many vendors, but I did find 3 simple little brown transfer ware plates. Nothing fancy, nothing valuable, simple little plates. I also found some wicker place mats for my farm table. They  definitely are plain and simple , but you know me, I have to doll up everything. So I put a coat of semi transparent grey stain on them. Now we're talking. They turned out great. I love them. I didn't find alot , but what I did find I love.  Basic and simple.....ENJOY!!
Simple white soup tureen

Simple little brown transfer ware plates

Love my new bread board!!
Customized and simple ,basic wicker place mats!
The best things in life are unexpected, that's why I love junkin
(especially with friends) you never know what you might find.
Its makes me happy...

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