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Green with envey...

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Green? mint green? blue green? gray green? robins egg blue? Tiffany blue? what ever color it is ( green family or blue family) I just love it. A little here , a little there, just an accent. Keep your eye out ,you will see it everywhere.
Tiffany blue, every girl loves to see this...

Nashville blue...


Love This!!

(Thanks to all the references that I have used, and if I have used one of your pictures and you would like for me to delete it from my blog, just email me. Thanks!)

FaBulOus FleA MaRkeT Fun...

Sunday, January 29, 2012

We junked, antiqued, and auctioned. We repaired,refinished and painted. We came, setup (January rain and cold). Customers came (January rain and cold). Customers were happy, left with lots of goodies. Now we start all over....Junk, antique, and auction....We love it!!

                                                                    All pieces Sold!!

OBESSED....with vintage suitcases

Sunday, January 15, 2012

When I'm out junkin around and I find an old vintage suitcase I just can not leave it behind. I can just imagine where it has been and who it belonged to. Sometimes if I am lucky I will find one that is monogrammed or find old papers and photos in them. As many as I have ,I have to have just one more. Love the color of them. (and believe it or not the musty,dusty smell of them.) They all scream "Vintage". These old suitcases and trunks have become very useful. They make great end tables for the bedroom, or a coffee table for the living room. They are a great display for parties, weddings and merchandising. So next time you go junkin around and find an old vintage suitcase or trunk, think of me!  

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